2017 Lexus IS 200t – THE SMADE JOURNAL


Lexus Of Canada Present GS On Ice.

Lexus GS one amazing beautiful work of art one the planet today; both sporty and luxurious. This week Lexus of Canada showcase the GS to show that its not just a pretty face or a soft and sporty ride. They took the GS on a snowy adventure, and by the looks of it everyone came out amaze. The F SPORT AWD (ALL WHEEL DRIVE) vehicle handles like a Ferrari or Lambo would on asphalt or a concrete surface. Lexus has been on a mission to reinvent itself after the disaster that hit japan a couple years back. Lexus has been taking it one step at a time to completely overhaul their brand image; first introducing a new face to the brand (LEXUS SPINDLE GRILLE AND ARROW LED DRL) and a new mission statement; Their mission: to create for sporty, soulful vehicle on top of its already amazing quality for detail and its luxurious repetition; that has rack up numerous awards around the global since the start of 2013. With the main missing piece to the puzzle (Sporty) finish Lexus is finally ready to compete fully against the German brands. Reviews across the internet from various car-blogs and newspapers; praise the LEXUS GS for its amazing handling capabilities beating out its competition such as the BMW 5 Series Audi A6 and the Mercedes E Class. The GS showed off some more of its tricks such as its amazing AWD system, that handles in the snow as if it was driving around a close rally dirty tracks. With Lexus new motto in place; The AWD system has proven that its ready to take on anything that is place in its way’ destroy anyone or anything in its path both the vehicle they produce, and their company as a whole and with the company new and updated models Lexus has proven to answer to that motto, with an increase in the sales department and the more interest from the younger buyers (a thing that Lexus been wanting to capture for a while). The new face and motto at Lexus has defiantly been paying off and it just brings Lexus one step closer to regaining its number one USA sales crown and then move on to conquer the world.

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Introducing the 2014 LEXUS IS

My favorite car in the whole wide world is the Lexus IS yes its my favorite car i love the design of the first generation then completely  fell in love with the second generation Lexus IS from then on i just new it was my favorite car, when i saw it on the road i always stop and look at it for minutes sometimes even hours , The F SPORT Version OMG OMG OMG OMG LOVE! right now am completely speechless! and Now one week ago Lexus introduce the Third Generation Lexus IS and although i was skeptical because i was just so sad to see my favorite ever go away forever i just couldn’t bear the thought of it so when i first saw this new design i was sad not sad with the car but sad as i sad to see it go i even wrote about it title “the day my favorite car disappeared  but now i have come to understand and appreciate the car that will be taken its place the 2014 LEXUS IS and this design is bad ass just what i love its unlike nothing else on the street; and a lot of car in its class will fared it. Al thought the IS may not have been the best selling car in its class i think year by year it will catch on.