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Hear Trapped, Seattle Airport Worker, Who Fell Asleep in Cargo Hold

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Early Monday afternoon, An Alaska Airline Boeing 737, took off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, on its journey to Los Angeles. Just after takeoff, the pilots of the aircraft heard a loud banging and screams for help coming from inside the aircraft cargo compartment. The pilots contacted ATC and then decided to turn the aircraft around and head back to Seattle-Tacoma.

“The captain immediately returned to Seattle, declaring an emergency for priority landing. The aircraft was in the air for 14 minutes,” the airline said.

Passengers onboard the Boeing 737 heard and recorded the loud banging and screaming coming from the bottom of their feet inside the aircraft cargo hold. A passenger stated that two flight Marshall also heard the loud banging and screaming for help; The Marshall’s alerted the flight attendant. The Flight Marshall and Flight Attendant then tried to alert the person in the cargo hold by screaming into the floor, letting the trapped man know that the aircraft is being turned around.

After landing; it reported that a ramp worker fell asleep, inside the front cargo compartment. The guy is very lucky. However, he did the right thing by panicking and am sure anyone in his situation; would have done the same; even though the cargo compartment is temperature controlled and pressurized.

According to the Alaska Airline The employee started work at 5 a.m. and was scheduled to end his shift at 2:30 p.m. During a pre-departure huddle, the team leader noticed the employee was missing. The team leader called into the cargo hold for the employee and called and text the employee’s cell phone, but did not receive an answer. His co-workers believed he finished his shift and went home.

Alaska Airline assured us, that all ramp employees have security badges; and that each employee undergoes full criminal background checks and drug screening prior to being hired. Each employee also subjected to random drug tests throughout their employment. 

The ramp agent was an employee of Menzies Aviation and had just passed a drug test that same afternoon. He was also transported to Highline Medical Center in Burien, Washington and was treated and released. There were 170 souls on board the Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft, including 6 crew members. The flight later continued on to its original destination and landed in Los Angeles around 6:17 p.m

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Two bombs went off near the finishing line of the Boston Marathon 3 people are confirm dead with about 30 others many suffering from injuries and more than 28 people have been amputated couple sources are reporting that a SAUDI man may be a suspect in this matter!

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  • The FAA has issued a no fly zone over BOSTON

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Are the American Public Fair to Toyota?

2012 Toyota Camry IIHS 40MPH Small Overlap TestThe question I ask my self lately after reading CBSNEWS and Insidelines article on the new IIHS small overlap test which fails Toyota Camry and Prius V vehicle’s. I had to ask myself? Are The American Public fair to Toyota? And my answer is NO!. Sad but true.

The Point is their are not stating the fact instead they are hiding behind the fact to give American Auto companies such as Ford and Chevrolet the edge but if you didn’t know, cars from those companies also failed the test but that didn’t make headline even though it was tuck away inside the article. The 2013 Camry and 2013 Prius V was design even before the IIHS came about with these test. Toyota design the new Camry back in 2010 and the Prius V in 2009. The Ford Fusion which also failed the test just hit the market; it was design this year along with the Honda 4 door (the Camry biggest competition) the Honda coup also failed the test. What people also failed to write is that these new tests more than 90% of cars these days failed this test because this test wasn’t a standard for IIHS.